Need Convincing? Read These Recapture 360 Reviews

Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 is an anti-aging, 100% organic skincare formula that promises to fight wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines on a cellular level.

Yes, yes, you’ve heard it all before – the youthful skin, the youthful glow, the ability to remove dark spots and sun damage overnight. These skincare formulas are a dime a dozen and surely all use similar formulas, because nothing has worked before, right?

recapture 360 reviews

Well, you might want to read these recapture 360 reviews.


Systenol A, elix-IR, aquaxyl, mitostime, resveratrol, glycolic acid and superoxide dismutase. It all sounds like harsh chemicals you don’t want on your face. But recapture 360 is actually 100% organic, which means all of these ingredients are actually naturally made, and safe to use.

For instance, elix-IR is a free radical-eradicating antioxidant. It protects against sun damage, which is the primary reason for dark spots.

Consider aquaxyl. As the name suggests, its main purpose is to retain moisture, thus resulting in supple, firmer, and flexible skin – all the things that make it youthful.

Or how about superoxide dismutase? It may have a daunting name, but this ingredient helps prevent collagen breakdown. This means you get less wrinkles.


Of course, there are some drawbacks to the skin care formula. For one thing, it’s a small, pricey jar. The price tag suggests quality, however, and as such, the amount you get tends to be on the lower side of what most customers would ideally want.

Another drawback would have to be that it’s an anti-aging product, which automatically makes it seem like all the others. It doesn’t matter if it works, if everyone has already made up their mind. That’s why reading reviews is so important – you get to see and read other people’s experiences first.


Results consistently show how recapture 360 affects the skin after only five days. An uncomfortable sensation that’s been cited is a sense of pulling. Over time, wrinkles are less prominent, skin is more vibrant, and brown spots are lighter and often times unnoticeable.

Users report a feeling of thicker, smoother skin, all common characteristics of youthful skin.

Of course, that’s what the reviews say. At the end of the day, everyone’s skin is different. Everyone has different needs. One person may love a product, but another might not. If everyone had the same skin type, there would only one type of anti-aging cream, one sunscreen, one foundation type.

So, keep this in mind: just because the reviews and results show one thing, it doesn’t mean it’ll work wonders for you. There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by trying it.


Whether organic skincare formulas like recapture 360 are in your future is for you to decide. What we can say is that reviews are out there, ready for you to read them. Take a look at a few and make up your mind on whether or not to purchase something that may have shocking results.